Vihaan Softech is IT Company started by experienced Technoprenuers giving IT Enabled Services, Enterprise Technology Solutions and Systems Integration provider to customers across Education, Small and Medium Business and Enterprises. We visualize, architect and deliver important programs to support customers in their business transformation initiatives and help them in achieving optimal performance. Vihaan Softech provides you a complete range of solutions lining the ever growing client and market challenging situations. Vihaan Softech allows to provide you Internet and Intranet solutions which are reliable, scalable and highly customized for your requirements. For your customized web development and optimization, Vihaan Softech uses the best technologies available in the market. Highly professional can be involved that can assure you considerable success. A wide range of expertise and experience in new and radical technologies, along with its capability to involve its in-depth knowledge and expertise, gives our clients with effective and efficient solutions to their business challenges. We believe that quality is that the most significant part of a service offering. There, Vihaan Softech follows demanding Quality Management Systems and performs vigorous quality checks and tests to provide superior, timely, and accurate deliverable within committed time-lines. Vihaan Softech invests time and money for adaptation of latest trends and technology that guarantee cutting edge services to client.


Vihaan Softech provides various services to offer such as  Software development and testing, Web development and publishing services, Systems integration, Mobile Application Development, IT infrastructure and consulting services. Vihaan Softech offer the convenience and working togetherness with security along with benefits of a highly affordable Outsourcing Development Team. Vihaan Softech is particularly specialized in assembling and managing dedicated team of highly skilled technical professionals to boost up your In-house resources.


 Vihaan Softech specializes in dealing with the disparate vendor products, forming them into one business-driven system.  We are ready to guide our customers towards a successful implementation either by directly contacting with manufacturers or by our vast experience. Our IT integration services endeavor to enable business operations with high performance through a encompassing set of services to support the planning, development, installation and operations of complex networks.


Digital Library Management System:

Distribution of operation/activity documents, which are located in several locations or document centers.

Online Campus Management System:

Complete integrated College Administration and Management system, developed in state of the art web technology.